This week GimmeProxy API was heavily updated. It was ported to use my custom proxy-checking library which proved to be much more reliable. It provides a lot more information about each proxy server as well.

Proxy-testing library is opensourced, so check it out - and feel free to use it in your own projects!

Also a long awaited feature - search API was finally added. For example, to get random proxy from United States, tested in last 10 minutes and with port 80, do the following:

More examples at the API page:

Little bit of stats: GimmeProxy has 700-800 working proxies at any given moment. On average it serves 60 requests per second to more than 1300 machines every day, peaking at 150 requests per second. And it’s growing!

Next week I’m going to blog about GimmeProxy internals, so stay tuned!